Description Cause Maneuver
Engine hard to start 1.Poor contact with the high voltage cable spark plug;
2.Faulty fuel or water in fuel;
3.Damaged cable sheath or disconnected cable;
4.Spark plug with carbon deposition;
1. Re-connected;
2. Change with proper fuel;
3. Cleaning or exchange;
4. Cleaning or exchange.
Easy flameout after starting 1.Fuel tank without fuel;
2.Clogging of cable or air-cleaner or muffler;
3.Carburetor not adjusted; Engine overheating;
4.Spark plug with carbon deposition or damaged.  
1.Refueling; Cleaning or exchange;
2.Adjust carburetor;
3.Cooling engine;
4.Cleaning or exchange.
Engine response is not good 1. Carburetor adjustment is not good;
2. Damaged cable sheath or disconnected cable;
3.Spark plug with carbon deposition;
4.Circuit fault.
1.Adjust carburetor;
2.Cleaning or exchange;
3.Cleaning or exchange;
4.Check the circuit, and troubleshooting
Model car difficult to control 1.Battery power of the receiver or the transmitter is not sufficient;
2. Bad antenna reception;
3.The servo is not a good tune.  
2.Pull the transmitter and the receiver antennas to longest, or exchange;
3. Adjust servo.  
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